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Christmas Snowglobes Make the Season Magic

Collectible snowglobes make a great way to celebrate your passions and interests. So when the holiday season comes around and you're making plans for your Christmas decor, why not add a little enchantment to your holiday home with a Christmas snowglobe. The Bradford Exchange Online offers a festive selection of Christmas snowglobes for you to discover. Plus, our Christmas snowglobes are available in a number of distinctive themes, including Disney, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Santa Claus and Thomas Kinkade.

What makes holiday snowglobes such a great choice for your Christmas decor, or as unique gifts, is the swirl of Christmas snow and wonder with just a gentle shake or the flick of a switch. And with their original artwork, expert handcrafting, twinkling lights, heartwarming tunes and more, our musical Christmas snowglobes are sure to make an impression in your home.

While you're shopping our collectible Christmas snowglobes, we invite you to shop our other unique and wonderful Christmas gifts too. And don't forget that we also offer collectible snowglobes that go beyond the holiday season, including Disney snowglobes, or ones that are created to celebrate the important relationships we hold dear, and even nature themed snowglobes. Ready to find the perfect Christmas snowglobe and let it snow? Shop Now!

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